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The silicone compound mold deformation

by:Bofeng     2020-11-04
Silicone compound die deformation mainly has the following these reasons, the following are for reference only, specific still should according to actual needs to adjust.

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1, the silica gel complex mode not fully cured before put into use ( Do not) in the outside 。 Although commonly after casting mould can remove the die casting die within a few hours a month later and start to use is the best,, but mold rubber cured fully at least more than a week, if enough time, but now the pursuit of high efficiency, high quality so the place again after long time use is to do not conform to the reality needs.

2, silicon complex mode belongs to condensation silicone, without calling in just the right amount of moisture, can appear the phenomenon. Solution: this phenomenon does not belong to quality problems, but because there is no control moisture, improve the shelf life of silicone, long shelf life will appear some phenomenon, it is by absorbing moisture in the air and curing, silica gel in the process of making the water evaporated, as long as in the use of silicone, right amount add 0. 05% water, stir evenly can solve some conditions.

3, poor quality of the silicone mold production mold using silica gel, such as: silicone shrinkage rate is too high, or to reduce the padding and use too many other products.

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4, high-grade silicon mold plastic shrinkage ratio of 0. 1%, average around 3%, low silicon mold plastic shrinkage rate is higher.

vacuum/low-pressure perfusion hand-board needs when note type high temperature plastic particles into molten state, and the material is affected by heat bilges cold shrink, the perfusion might be just the right size, once cooled down, will appear to shrink/warp, etc. , makes the product accuracy can not meet the standards.

5, place the silicone vacuum infusion of complex mode of tilt table, want to make good the silicone compound die hand, put the silicone mold working platform must be smooth. Facilitate material evenly into the well.

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