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by:Bofeng     2020-05-08
Outsourcing component production tasks has been a common trend in boosting productivity and profitability of one's business in order to survive in today's economy. Therefore, job shops are highly in demand to perform milling operations. Here are the commonly asked questions about getting a job shop to perform such operations as follows: Question 1: What are the benefits of outsourcing CNC milling operations to a job shop? A. Firstly, you are not required to purchase such CNC machining centers as these machines are extremely expensive, especially for those small and medium-scale business owners. Besides that, if you are new to production line industry, it is wisely should start 'small', which literally means that you should initially 'test the waters' of this business industry by investing on a job shop that is capable to perform parts production that worth for your budget. On the other hand, you are able to cut down production and human labor costs - meaning that you do not have to hire and train employees to work on these machines. Normally, job shops have their own expertise to work on your milling operations. Question 2: Are they able to perform parts production tasks based on your CAD design? A. Yes, they are able to perform such tasks based on your preferences. Basically, when you send your CAD design to a job shop, your design will be directed to their engineers for evaluation before starting up any CNC milling operations. Then, their engineers will hold a discussion with you regarding your design so as to ensure that the design is workable before bringing it to parts production process. Question 3: Would they use high precision CNC machining centers? A. Normally, they would use high CNC machining centers to perform high precision CNC milling operations. Be sure to find out the types of machining centers that they used so that you can overview features of their machining centers. For instance, by knowing the actual type of a machining center, you will be able to find out its features including the orientation of the cutting tool (vertically or horizontally), the versatility of both movements of cutter and the work piece (3, 4, or 5-axis), and type of the software control that used to operate the machine. Therefore, you need to get such details from them through your inquiry. Question 4: How much does it cost? A. It depends on the difficulty level of your CAD design. It means that it would cost more for designs that requires more time of completion. Other factors such as type of materials and machining centers used can affect the actual cost of your order. Hence, always request for a quotation from them before you start ordering. Question 5: Do they provide additional CNC machining services? A. Some job shops don't, some shops do - Some job shops are specialized in certain CNC machining operations, whereas others wide spectrum of precision machining services including CNC turning, spark erosion as well as additional treatments like hardening, plating, anodizing and powder coating - which could possibly be offered at affordable rates. Question 6: Where can I possibly find a job shop to perform such high precision milling tasks? A. You can locate for those job shops that are providing CNC Milling services through both off-line and online business directories. Another method that you can consider is by posting job offers ads on classifieds.
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