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Typography, 3D Printing, and 3D Systems

by:Bofeng     2020-08-19
Typography is an art. It makes languages look beautiful. Over the years, the writing styles and fonts have changed but nothing like this happened ever before. Today, typography is digitalized. New detailed designs and fonts can be created on computers using a wide range of software programs.
There are hundreds of graphic and visual designers who have adopted typography and 3D printing. For 3D printing of typography takes the imagination and creativity of the designers to the next level. It helps them analyze things more keenly, allow them to work on projects in a smart way, and make their work compatible to the current technological standards.
Luca Ionescu is one such artist. He believes in working on new and different things, and believes in making a difference with his work. 3D printing was a process he wanted to utilize on his latest piece 'Steady as She Goes', and was recommended in contacting Melbourne Company, 3D Systems Asia-Pacific.
3D Systems has the latest technology in 3D printing. For Luca's project, a process called Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) saw used to create strong, detailed models that require no hand finishing. There are many benefits of SLS:
• Geometric Complexity is not limited.
• The art pieces that are produced using this technology last long and are very durable in nature.
• The 3D printing process is very fast.
• The finish with SLS is similar to that of Coral and ideal for the structure of Luca's design.
What Services 3D Systems Offer?
3D Systems specializes in providing 3D Systems Printers, Rapid Prototyping, and Manufacturing Services. We'd focus only on 3D System Printers for now, in this article.
3D Systems has a wide range of printers that are designed to create physical models, for professional, production or personal applications. Some of the 3D printers work like a 'dot-matrix-printer', but instead of ink the printer heads distribute plastic, layer-upon-layer to create a physical working model. A summary of the three types of printers available:
Professional Printers - Affordable, high-resolution printers are ideal for companies looking to introduce 3D printing in-house for design evaluation, making patterns for casting metal parts, or creating custom jigs and fixtures. Similar quality to production printers, but easier to use and cost much less.
Production Printers -This technology is primarily used in rapid manufacturing and rapid prototyping, using Stereolithography (SLA) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology. With production like materials, these machines build multiple parts very fast, using laser based technology.
Today, this technology is used by major product companies across the world. And no wonder they're so effective in helping these businesses improve their production standards.
Personal Printers - Personal Printers from 3D Systems are for anyone and everyone, from a school kid to a hobbyist. All one has to do is design the plastic objects and it prints in a matter of hours. These machines are valued under AUD $5,000, with low running costs.
To wrap up this post, we'd say that Typography with 3D printing is amazing. You can design 3D plastic objects within your budget using suitable technology from 3D Systems.

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