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What are the silicone compound mold process

by:Bofeng     2020-10-24
Industry before mass production, usually have a small batch production stage, used to detect the product performance and market demand, can't blind production, otherwise the product backlog, lead to unnecessary losses. Believe that everyone should also won't hope you have the product backlog, unnecessary money stranded. < br /> if it is small batch trial production, the main process is recommended by silica gel complex mode, because this process is especially suitable for complicated structure of a workpiece forming, shorten the development time, saving the cost of r&d. So the choice of small batch injection. The silicone compound die what on earth is the process? The following will introduce you to. < br /> a, prototyping, < br /> the so-called prototype, is we to small batch production of products, we must have a product to make a mold. Prototype making 3 d printing is generally selected or traditional machining.html' target='_blank'>CNC machining. General manufacturing complex 3 d printing prototype, and the traditional structure of CNC are generally made of relatively uniform structure. < br /> 2, mold making < br /> this is the core step, mold quality directly determines the quality of the products. So this part to special specifications. < br /> according to the size of the product to make a mould first round plate, in order to later pouring liquid silicone. Then reserved hole fixed to the prototype, you also need to put some positioning pins, so as to ensure the accuracy of the mold, to prevent deformation of mould, then use flat board as a positioning plate. Used to fixed liquid silicone, and then put it aside. < br /> the next configuration liquid silicone, mixed with a certain proportion liquid silicone and curing agent, because in the process of mixed into the air, affect the quality and density of liquid silicone, so will be configured liquid silicone deaeration processing in vacuum machine. In order to guarantee the quality of deaeration, requires repeated deaeration 2 ~ 3 times. < br /> will then be configured liquid silicone pouring into the positioning plate, this process is still in contact with air, so also should make the deaeration treatment in a vacuum machine. < br /> after remove deaeration good coaming, into the oven for curing. By this time the effect of curing agent is out, it can reduce the curing time of liquid silicone. < br /> remove good coaming curing, the next step is to open mold phase, remove the positioning plate, pull out the dowel pin. Molding process is very important, difficulty is great, so looking for experienced master processing, or will affect the precision of the mould. Generally, open mould are adopting a saw-toothed mould. < br /> after open mold, prototype, so that liquid silicone mold is ready. Three, vacuum casting < br /> < br /> then we can use our production mold for vacuum pouring, all this is done under the condition of vacuum, pressure difference is used to change the material injection mold, pouring is completed to curing in the oven, then put the workpiece in the mold can be removed. Next we just repeat complete vacuum pouring process finished workpiece model to small batch of silicon injection. < br /> special remind: the material easy to corrode in certain chemical liquid, it is not recommended to contact concentrated solvent, oil and after dilute sodium hydroxide solution, lest cause corrosion and damage.

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