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What area will 3D printing impact the most?

by:Bofeng     2020-06-16
The ultimate goal for any printing company is to provide affordable and accessible services to customers. To have a lower price on every product that is being delivered the value of it is tightly aligned with manufacturing costs. The primary system that these companies follow is to analyze the mode quickly and show up the prices of materials automatically. Various materials have different price structures. However, the service costs are divided by these three parameters of labor, machine space and amount of material needed. Hover down to know the technique of pricing that goes with it. \n \nFlexible and durable plastic\n \n Reproduction of images in nylon is a process that is relatively efficient. The products that are polished and dyed include more labor. Aligning with the values as per labor involves tray planning. This process entails planning and orientation of the parts. The volume of it determines the 3d printing service cost for due to the materials. If the model is thin and small then the price is low and if it is big then vice-versa. Machine space is a first estimator of values where, whenever there are more major parts included the amount is more. When hollow models are redesigned and put on others, then the value is considerably reduced. \n More at : \n\n \n \nSteel\n \n Reproduction of images in steel entails complexity and demands a lot of labor. The finishing after the process is lengthy and time-consuming. Only material and labor determine the value of the work in steel. Here too the high count products involve high price because due to polishing and dying of the parts have to undergo other processes too. The 3d printing service cost on the materials that are used depends on the amount of it that goes into making. Therefore the more the materials are thinner and smaller the lesser is the value. However, it does not make much sense if you compromise on the price and sacrifice the integrity of the designs and strength. \n \nOther materials\n \n Reproducing images in other documents involve two parameters, and that is the flat rate for every rate that is 3D. This is also called the start-up value. Most materials that are used have the single value of the start-up for every uploaded file. This involves the labor and the machine charges. There are limits on the part count for every file for management of complexity and cost. Every manufacturing unit permits two parts for every file in cast metals such as silver, bronze, and brass. This adopted method supports cufflinks and earrings. The volume of the part determines the amount of the material that has to be used and hence the final value. \n \nAdditional steps\n \n All the products that are designed are displayed for sale by all the individual designers who have produced it. Sometimes a markup is added to the products in the sale for supporting the craft. Each time there is an item for sale you would be supporting the designer whose design you would be buying. Other than this you also get to have a direct communication with the individual concerned and the one who produced it. You are entitled to any suggestions or feedbacks. The products are later shipped everywhere with different charges for shipping. The value added tax is also added up with the final charge. 3D printing will impact the following areas significantly:Product Development & Prototyping: 3D printing is used widely in prototyping already but many companies just design something, have engineering squish the contents in it, maybe do some research, maybe talk to marketing and then produce it. This is a silly way of making things. Some companies like Apple make a thing and then iterate, shave away all the unnecessary and come up with beautiful things. Other companies 3D print a prototype and then test it extensively, show it to customers, test ergonomics, ask people what they think and then improve it. The more iterative and research based product development becomes the more success these companies will have with it. So I expect outsized impacts on product development and the bottom lines of companies that use 3D printing extensively.Personalized medicine:By using CAT and MRI scans to visualize a surgery, plan the procedure and 3D print a personalized implant better patient outcomes will be achieved. This is the same for prosthetics & many medical devices. I've heard estimates of this being a $7,000,000,000 revenue opportunity and it would change medicine a lot. FDA approval has been granted for several 3D printed medical implants. The process has also been used already for over 100,000 surgical guides whereby an individualized 3D print is placed in the body or in the mouth in order to tell the surgeon where to cut and is later removed. There are over 10,000,000 people wearing 3D printed hearing aids.Aerospace:The Dreamliner and Airbus A380 already use 3D printed parts. Additionally F18's and other aircraft have benefitted from 3D printed parts on retrofitting projects. Aerospace is low volume production and is ideally suited for 3D printing. Additionally 3D printing can make heating ducts in a way that other processes can not. 3D printed airplane wiring and weight optimized parts are in of itself their own revolutions in this industry. Additionally all the aircraft majors are doing extensive research and development in 3D printing including a Rolls Royce project to try to 3D print aircraft engines.Automobile Manufacturing:Car companies already extensively use 3D printing for concept cars and other prototypes. They are extending their use as is shown by Daimler's co-development of Concept Laser's R1000 metal printer as well as use of 3D printing in Formula 1. 3D printing can be used to cut down on labour costs, customize and personalize platforms, allow for customization of individual cars and the development of new things such as heatsinks, ducting, engine, battery & structural parts that can not be produced with another technology.Euromold 2012 Go big or go home Connex 1000 and Concept Laser 1000RLow volume manufacturing:Small production runs can be made with 3D printing or one could combine a 3D print with existing technology. This dramatically lowers the barriers to entry for any and all industry and manufacturing. Allowing individual designers at home to develop products that compete head on with established markets or explore new niches. This means that the world will be flatter than we can imagine. Gifts, jewelry, toys, hobby items, interior decoration and fashion accessories: These are all markets where home 3D printers and especially 3D printing services can make significant impacts by letting people design and make personalized & individualized things that mean more to them or fit the use case of the product better.Everything:3D printing will eventually impact any and every industry:There鈥檚 no money in 3D printing
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