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What Does 3D Printing Have To Do With You?

by:Bofeng     2020-09-03
3D printing has the power to truly revolutionize the way that we can manufacture anything, really. There are so many factors that come in bringing a product in the front rows of a Walmart, or an appliance store, or a movie, or pretty much anything else that involves a physical product, or a concept development team. Having the ability to organize a team, and use 3D printing to create diagrams for presentations and ideas, is simply an awesome capability of this manufacturing technology.
There are so many applications out there within the engineering filed of 3D printing. There are almost too many applications. If a product needs to be prototyped, 3D printing will be there to assist in that development. If a concept is made, and a 3D model is involved - 3D printing can be there to create a diagram to show to a project manager. For example, in shows such as Ironman, there was quite a bit of 3D printing used to visualize the actually designs and looks of the characters within the show. There are so many options that come to play when it comes down to 3D printing, it's awesome.
Let's talk about product development. When a part needs to be mass manufactured, it typically needs to be tested first. This means that a company wouldn't be smart to send off an order for 10,000 units without checking the current capabilities of the current design. Can you imagine how expensive that would be? Actually, I'm sure that this has happened quite a bit. Through 3D printing though, product development teams would be able to test the capabilities of a design or product prior to sending off a 10,000 unit order. This could save tons of money! Having the ability to see the way a product functions is pretty powerful in my opinion, as well as the opinions of various teams creating new things. Being able to test the functionality of a product as well as the look and feel of a piece is a huge deal, and people are willing to pay for it.
There are tons of other applications within the 3D printing world as well; pretty much anything can be made out of these designs. If a model can be created on the computer as a blueprint, then a 3D printer of some type can very likely produce it. Sure there are a few limitations, for example not all prints can produce huge parts. Some can, however. Also, the material s are something you might want to consider looking at. There are over 100 materials to choose from within the 3D printing world. If you need something in plastic, many services might ask you 'which kind' of plastic do you need? If you're looking to produce something in metal, many companies may also ask you which kind of metal that you need. There are some any materials to choose from within this manufacturing technology, there are tons of options out there! If you're looking to create a team of concept developers or create a marketing team, you should check out 3D printing!

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