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What Is The Best 3D Printer To Use At Home?

by:Bofeng     2020-09-07
If you listen to the hype then there is a technological revolution coming which will make a huge impact on our lives. This revolution will change the way that we buy many of the common products that we need, as well as giving us a much greater choice and much improved possibilities to customize and personalize our own products.
This revolution will come as a result of 3D printing - a relatively new technology which allows you to print out three dimensional objects using designs downloaded from the internet (or created yourself). Many common products can easily be printed like this, from simple children's toys to cutlery and crockery, decorative items, phone cases and many more.
The reason that we do not already have these amazing machines in our homes is primarily price, but those prices are now starting to come down to the level where they are affordable for many people to buy and use in their own home. In this article I will look at some of the main 3D printing machines available at the moment which are suitable for home use. When looking at buying one of these machines it is important to look not only at the hardware, but at the availability and ease of access to product designs.
One of the first companies to build a name for themselves in this industry was Makerbot. Their latest creation, the Replicator is an excellent machine for home use, and there is an extensive community online who share designs and help you to create your own.
Another firm specialising in the home use applications of 3D printing is Cubify. There are loads of designs available to download for a small fee, and if you fancy having a go at creating some of your own then you can upload them to the store and earn a small commission every time another user downloads one.
Some big technology companies are also starting to get in on this action now as well. The most prominent of these is HP, or Hewlett Packard, who gained their fame and wealth from leading the first revolution in home printing which saw paper printing machines becoming a common site in homes all around the world.
If you decide that you would like to be one of the early adopters of this exciting technology then now is an excellent time to jump aboard. Make sure that you look at the price of refilling cassettes / spools as well as the hardware, and look for the availability of designs too, and you will surely be happy with the product you eventually decide to buy.

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