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Where Is Modern Technology Going?

by:Bofeng     2020-08-30
We live in a time period that is pretty significant in my opinion. The living standards are drastically increasing, technology is keeping us alive longer, and we are living in a much more 'comfortable' society due to the advances in this generation. Fortunately for us, the world of technology is getting even better every single year. Correct me if I'm wrong, but around 100 years ago we had Advil... that was about it. Now, we can use laser-beam technology to correct vision to perfection. That's a pretty significant shift if you ask me! The way we go about doing things are at least slightly different to say the least. The way businesses work are entirely different from the systems built in the 1900's. Let's take a walk through some technologies that are impacting the world as we know it today.
New technologies like 3D printing are impacting the way things work in the manufacturing world. Before 3D printing, things weren't done in the same manor. Master machinists dominated the manufacturing world when it came down to producing almost anything. Consumer products involved men, women, and even children working assembly lines. The development of advanced moving parts usually had the use of welders, smelters, and machinists to produce intricate products. Now we live in a world with much easier mold manufacturing, CNC cutting, and 3D printing. I want to highlight 3D printing, as it currently is the future of manufacturing in my opinion.
3D printing is very interesting, and different from all other types of manufacturing. It is similar to the Advil to laser-eye-surgery comparison. Back in the day, almost all work was dominated by hand. Now, with this technology known as 3D printing, manufacturing is dominated by adhesive chemicals and laser fusion. Definitely a significant shift to say the least, wouldn't you say? 3D printing is essentially the layer by layer assembly of products through fusion of materials. An engineer will design the blueprint, or 3D file, on a computer and that blueprint will be sent to a 3D printer. This 3D printer's advanced technology will use the blueprint to make extremely intricate parts and products based off of the blueprint. Let me cover how it works in the simplest way I can. Basically, the 3D printer will lay down miniature layers of powder, as small as a few microns. That's a fraction of a millimeter! As each layer is laid down on top of another layer, the 3D printer will fuse the powders together in accordance to the 3D blueprint through either a laser melting process, or an adhesive chemical. This is what ends up happening: hundreds of miniature layers fuse together to make intricate parts, which unlike machining methods, can be very organic. This leads to very interesting models that can have organic shapes, high detailed models, and interesting feats such as a ball within a ball. Interesting products can come out of this method to say the least.
3D printing IS the future of manufacturing. Remember the Advil to laser-eye-surgery comparison? 3D printing represents laser-eye-surgery in this analogy. Within last century, manufacturers had to cut, drill, and consolidate parts together by hand with some assistance from tools and machinery. Now, engineers can turn a computer file into a product that is melted together through laser technology. 3D printing has some serious potential, and currently is estimated to have 1.7 billion dollars behind the industry. In 2015, it is going to have an estimated value of 3.7 billion dollars. Time will only tell.

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