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Why create CNC hand-board model?

by:Bofeng     2020-11-10

industrial all kinds of molds and tools required for the production of products. Popular speak be used to make molding tools, this tool consists of various parts, under the action of external force make blank into a specific shape and size of the stamping tools. Different mould made up of different parts. CNC hand-board model mainly by the changes of the molding material physical state to implement items shape processing.

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do you want to develop a new product, from product design to production process, the need to think there are a lot of problems. Here small make up and share new laser hand-board model design personnel in the process of product design should consider and answer several important questions. < br />

production according to the delivery of production to make evaluation and planning. If it's fitting model, need to set forth the adapter. Have special requirements for materials need to be clarified, such as: high temperature resistant material, need to set forth the high and low temperature; For the product general customers need environmental protection material, also need to indicate the and so on. Above is the importance of hand-board model manufacture single clear instructions, if you want to learn more relevant content, welcome consulting new laser hand-board model. You not only because of the need 'new product' the development of new products. You should carefully check and make sure your new products. Now, in response to competitors' actions, the brand of steering, or respond to the user's complain and demand, in your product introduction and design reflect very different. < br /> ABS plastic, class ABS plastic is one of the 3 d printing a main material, that can be a manufacturer of consumables, CNC hand-board model is its nature, ABS plastic with heat resistance, impact resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and excellent electrical properties, dimension stability, etc. ABS is currently the stability of a kind of material in the 3 d printing materials, can be said to be the SLA commonly used printing material, ABS is a kind of amorphous, there are many colors to choose from, is consumer 3 d printer user favorite print materials, such as printing toys, creative home decoration, etc. When starting a new product design, you need to know what are the members in the team? You are working with who? Usually, a new product development team should include four to six, from management, research and development, marketing, manufacturing and logistics. What is the boundary of the new product? Each project and boundary, there should be a preliminary definition boundary area. These limits should be wisely definition - — They must be large enough to seize the opportunity of innovation, but range is not too big, so you won't lose focus. 1. What is the main key performance indicators (kpis)? Defining a new key performance indicators (kpis) of the products is vital. You must first define the quality of the products and performance expectations. It will save you a lot of work and time, let the work in an orderly way to proceed, not chaos. 2. What do we lack? You will never know about it in advance. Product design is a process of question and answer the questions. Health standard for new lump laser one-stop's overall solution is asking the right questions to solve half the problem. Product introduction should also include the question you must answer. 3. What is the slogan of this product? The slogan not mentioned here refers to a professional copyright slogan, but a sentence accurately define the nature of products, in other words is the main value of the products. You will not believe a slogan can be used to focus on design work. In more than 10 CNC hand-board model choose silicone molding is the most valuable.

hand-board model processing technology have several:


2, 1, 3 D silica gel complex mode 3,

4 CNC hand-board model, low-pressure perfusion

new laser focus on hand-board model manufacture for many years, look forward to win-win cooperation with you!

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