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Your Options With 3D Printing

by:Bofeng     2020-09-06
3D printing has the power to really do some damage to the manufacturing industry, and when I say do damage - I mean drastically change it for the better. 3D printing has the capabilities to create virtually any design out of a wide variety of materials. There are a variety of printers to choose form when it comes down to actually producing parts, there are tons of materials to choose from (well over 100), and there are a few common methods of 3D printing that you may be interested in. I'm here to give you a brief overview of the options.
Let's first discuss the material options. The materials ultimately decide which printer should be used, which then decides which printer(s) could be used. So what are some of the materials that are offered through 3D printing processes? Well, to answer that, there is a material for pretty much any need that you're looking for. No, we aren't manufacturing diamond. But what about cellular tissue & simple organs for human beings? That's kind of flashy if you think about it... In a widespread format, there are tons of materials to choose from. Some materials are in the metal category.These metals that are offered through 3D printing include aluminum, titanium, bronze, inconel, stainless steel, cobalt chrome, and others. There are also precious metals that are offered through 3D printing - or at least 3D printed casts. Some of these materials include gold, sterling silver, fine silver, platinum, and others. Aside from metals, there are odd materials such as ceramics. Plastics are pretty popular within 3D printing. PLA is a common option, as well as various forms of ABS plastic. Another odd category of materials would be Objet's line of materials. Some of these materials can be blended together to create one of over 100 types! Some of these materials offer flexibility, and even rubber like properties. Others are similar to ABS plastics. There are specific materials that offer certain capabilities, such as flame retardant materials, or snap on materials. The super high detailed materials are typically made through SLA methods, which are common for casting those precious metals mentioned earlier. To be honest, there are material options for essentially any kind of projects. Some of these projects include complex small scale engines. Others are used for prototypes for certain products. Custom parts are common for 3D printing.
Based on the material, there are a few options of methods of 3D printing to choose from. SLA methods of 3D printing involve an ultraviolet light 'curing' certain liquid resins to solidify them. Others involve lasers melting materials together. Some methods involve FDM processes which involve a nozzle melting material down in layers to stack on top of other layers. In addition, there are MJM methods, which involve using multiple nozzles to lay down multiple materials within 1 print. Another interesting form of this technology involves power based printing, which involves a binding material gluing powder material together to be infiltrated.
The options are pretty wide open. When determining a material, it's good to find one that utilizes a manufacturing process which will work for your goals. After you have a material option as well as a preferred method, you just need to find a printer which offers those capabilities!

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