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Learning Machine





PROJECT – Learning machine required 7 CNC machining parts w/ 2 sheet metal parts to assist together .

ISSUE – All parts assemble perfectly that would achieve the desired end result , so our rapid manufacturing options matched the project needs best.

SOLUTION – In a word , achieve perfection . Perfect tool finish and extra attention paid to quality control processes during CNC machining and sheet metal fabrication .

RESULT – Prototyping finished on time and sent to customer within 7 days .

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Project Summary 

CNC rapid prototyping is a great option to get your product to market faster , but it is not always the best option to line up with your ultimate project goals.

Final production parts for this project would be injection molding, so it was important to choose a rapid manufacturing method that gave useful feedback on how final production parts would present .

CNC rapid prototyping is a good mimic of injection molded parts and delivered tolerances that matched the needs off this project. Rapid prototyping work requires excellent quality to meet perfect presentation in market .

The perfect detail and quality in rapid prototyping that helps us win projects and good impression from customer .

SERVICES: CNC Rapid Prototyping & Sheet Metal Fabrication

QUANTITY: 1 set (9 components per set )

MATERIALS: ABS + Aluminium

FINISHING: Smooth, painting.

LEAD TIME: 7 days 

Rapid prototyping requires quick decision to hit time lines .Decision that are made need to be quickly followed up with effective communication for successful time line execution .


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