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Rapid CNC Machining Services

Our company apply the most advanced equipment to try to provide you a consolidate CNC machining services , these include CNC milling, turning, EDM, wire EDM, surface grinding and much more. By using our imported multiple axis CNC machining centers, we can make all kinds of plastic and metal parts in n turning or milling. Together with our 3D printing service , our CNC machining capacity provide you a great one-stop-shop for your advanced designs. With the advanced machines & high technology, the machining parts are precise & exquisite workmanship.

Plastic CNC processing
Five axis machining

What is CNC Machining

CNC machining is a manufacturing process in which pre-programmed computer software dictates the movement of factory tools and machinery. The process can be used to control a range of complex machinery, from grinders and lathes to mills and routers. With rapid prototype machining, three-dimensional cutting tasks can be accomplished in a single set of prompts. 






Can proceed different kinds of material


Flexible quantity


Low cost


What is CNC milling  and turning ?

CNC milling is a particular form of precision machining in which a cutter removes material by moving into the work-piece at an angle. The movement of the cutter is controlled by computer instructions, allowing for extreme precision and repeat-ability. And they are vertical milling & horizontal milling. cnc precision milling.


CNC turning is a particular form of precision machining in which a cutter removes material by making contact with the spinning workpiece. The movement of the machinery is controlled by computer instructions, allowing for extreme precision and repeatability.


Turning is different to CNC milling, in which the cutting tool rotates and is directed from multiple angles at the workpiece, which is usually stationary. Because CNC turning involves rotating the workpiece in a chuck, it is generally used to create round or tubular shapes, achieving far more accurate rounded surfaces than would be possible with CNC milling or other processes.

CNC Machining

EDM / Wire EDM

Wire electrical discharge machining is a high-precision method for cutting nearly any electrically conductive material. A thin, electrically-charged EDM wire held between upper and lower mechanical guides forms one electrode, while the material being cut forms the second electrode. Electrical discharge between the wire and the workpiece creates sparks that rapidly cut away material. Submerging the workpiece and wire in deionized water allows cutting debris to be flushed away.

As the charged wire never makes physical contact with the workpiece in EDM machining, there are no cutting forces involved, making it possible to manufacture extremely small and delicate parts. Parts that require levels of accuracy and intricacy that traditional machining cannot achieve can easily be produced via wire EDM.


CNC Machining Tolerances

Our general tolerances for CNC machining of metals is DIN-2768-1-fine and for plastics, DIN-2768-1-medium.


CNC Machining Materials

A lot of plastic and metal materials including magnesium, steel, aluminium, brass and titanium can be used to make tooling for plastic injection moulding and pressure die casting or to make parts for rapid prototypes and low-volume production.


Rapid Tooling Service

We use different kind of materials to make hard tooling to fulfil your need. Usually, we use P20, NAK80, S136 stainless and H13 semi-hardened steel for quality tools which volumes up to 100,000 pieces. Special case can be negotiated.


If you are looking for reliable & professional CNC machining companies, contact Bofeng.


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CNC Machining Quickfacts

Lathe processing


Plastic CNC processing

Five axis machining

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