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Lower Cost, Higher Speed, Quality Prototyping


At Bofong, we are very proud of our innovative rapid prototyping shop.  As we developed and worked on this service offering, we’ve found that most of our clients have been pleased with all the benefits of Bofong Rapid Prototyping.

Recently, one packing equipment suppliers came to us with a challenging problem. This customer needed fast, reliable, and cost effective prototyping.   They had encountered the usual issues found in prototyping – cost overruns and project time delays.  By working with our team of experts, we cut our customer’s lead-time from six weeks to just ten days.  This new customer became a trusted client after we demonstrated that Bofong can design and deliver a high quality prototype in just ten days.  And in addition, because of our commitment to lean manufacturing, we were also able to reduce the cost of the project by 25%.

Bofong works with and listens to our customers every step of the way from concept and design, through to the final finished, fabricated, fully painted, working prototype. Our engineers carefully review the customer’s requirements and then redesign and fabricate the final prototype, realizing reduced time and possibly cost without sacrificing the final quality of the prototyping request.

Bofong’s staff believes in today’s mindset of “innovate or die.”  With our core group of talented and committed engineers, the company continually challenges modern methods and seeks to improve on current fabricating processes.  This brief case study is a great example of our work and our ability to potentially reduce time and cost.

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