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Car prototype

Product Name: Rapid prototype service CNC machining car model
Material: ABS / ACRYILIC
Quantity: 1PCS
Process: CNC Milling
Surface treatment: painting

Delivery: 7 days


Customer background
This is a company from Germany who needs a car prototype model for presenting in their showroom.

The model is 1:1 size of real product.

CNC machining

We recommend that customers choose ABS / Acrylic as the material for this prototype of the car. ABS is strong enough for a “real “ car which can be seated by a man. Acrylic is hard and transparent . Both material are easy to process, reasonably priced, and has a beautiful surface finish. If you need to custom some surface treatment in the later stage, the effect is very good. 

At the same time, the light weight of the material fits well into this model. In order to reduce the cost, we also chose to use a three-axis CNC milling machine:

Check CNC machining service for further details.

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