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CNC machining PMMA car light part


Material: clear PMMA 

Quantity: 1-30 piece 

Processing: CNC machining 

Surface finishing: grinding+ polishing 

Advantage: good quality, low cost, fast delivery, less risk 

CNC machining processing: 

1) Design for production and programming. 

2) Processing machining in machining centers. 

3) Polishing the surface. 

4) Sanding of the surface. 

5) Anodizing.


Noted: Usually we use CNC machining centers to produce most of the metal parts of prototype. CNC machining centers is one of the best choice for manufacturer because of its efficiency and accuracy and stable quality.

Many of us know that we make prototype through CNC machining, but less of us know how exactly CNC machining center works. You will understand more if you know above details.

We are a rapid prototype service company, specialized in provide customized CNC machining service to our valuable clients.


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